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Ryan Linsey Sievers

I discovered as I was trying to come to grips with the idea of having an aggressive cancer in my body that I wasn’t the invincible youth still residing in my mind.

Title art for Living Through It, copyright © 2020 Ryan Linsey Sievers. All rights reserved.

To be published in Fall 2021, Living Through It is the forthcoming mid-life memoir by Ryan Linsey Sievers in which he shares his experiences that were part of his rough-and-tumble with cancer, the wisdom from his life that he drew upon to find strength, and how he built resilience to live through the adversity. The following excerpt is the second chapter from Ryan’s book.

Chapter Two: The Invincible Me

Written by Ryan Linsey Sievers

I was diagnosed with cancer less than four months after I turned 40. I was in a very good mental place for the Great 4 0. So many people seem…

A definition of the six forces of influence

by Ryan Linsey Sievers

Nota bene: More than at any other time in our collective history of commerce and trade has the business environment in which our endeavors operate been as important to consider and understand as it is today. In this new era, organizations and enterprises must not only react to the six forces of influence of the business environment, but also be much more proactive to adapt and manage. The six factors are also more complexly intertwined with the ascendant scale of global trade that has unequivocally intersected with planet-scale changes to the climate and natural environment.

Landscape of mountains and sky stretching to the horizon
Landscape of mountains and sky stretching to the horizon
An important outcome of understanding the business environment is to identify potential threats and opportunities embedded in each of the six forces of influence.


A definition of the three elements at the core of what it means to be in business

by Ryan Linsey Sievers

Nota Bene: There is a great deal of consternation today over what is becoming (or has become) of our economic systems. In socialist, communist, and capitalist economies alike, wealth inequality is prevalent and appears to be increasing. Global demand for resources, and the resulting wastes, has created an inextricable intersection between consumerism and the planetary climate crisis. The Main Street vs. Wall Street juxtaposition may be fading from the political vernacular, but conspicuous 21st century 0.1%-ers elicit a striking comparison to the Haves and Have Nots of America’s Gilded Age in a way that is more…

We hear that we should work hard, that hard work pays off, and that hard workers get ahead or can overcome otherwise impossible obstacles and challenges. So what does it mean to do hard work?

How many different ways are there to say it? Put your nose to the grind stone. The early bird catches the worm. Apply some elbow grease. The American Dream is made of this “hard work” stuff. At the very heart of our entrepreneurial ethos is the idea that if you apply yourself, harder than everyone else, then you can overcome otherwise impossible obstacles and challenges, and find great success. We imply that it is waiting for you, just on the other side of that great slog (which is also character-building and conveniently riddled with lessons to be learned).

I even…

You don’t have to be a project manager to think like one and benefit from their approach to project work

Getting work done, and done well, usually involves having a plan. But where does that plan come from? How do you get started, and how do you see it through? These are questions I hear often and as one of the greatest sources of frustration. The idea of a project plan is straight-forward enough, but these days we have specialists for every aspect of project management which has left the normal business professional to think that project management is a specialty they either need to learn and know fully themselves…

Project planning by milestone is an effective method for project success and to avoid failed deadlines.

Businesses move forward project by project, yet so many projects fail to meet expectations. Why is this? The framework of a project seems to be so straight-forward. But, we seem to miss the mark time and again, even after having incorporated “learnings” from our previous projects.

Project planning is a process of identifying likely scenarios and managing the risks associated with them. We predict a path and then set expectations based on that prediction. There are variables we cannot control, but can anticipate. A construction project is always at the mercy…

4 factors to starting up successfully in the Windy City

Chicago is abuzz with new ventures and start-ups. A quick scan of local media (and some national media, too) on any given day shows the increasing pull of the developing Silicon Prairie. A varsity line-up of start-ups like Groupon and grubHub are forging ahead, and major league players like the newly re-branded Motorola Mobility and digital-only Encyclopædia Britannica are reinventing themselves right here on the Third Coast, as well.

Chicago has a well-funded VC ecosystem, and its dedicated incubators have been celebrated a banner year for 2013, even though they are themselves…

Think “smart” rather than “big” when it comes to data

In mid-September I had the opportunity to attend the Tableau Customer Conference 2013, held this year in Washington, D.C. It was an excellent event with three rousing days of learning about and connecting with the present, future, and state-of-the-art of data analytics and visualization. The Tableau brand may not yet be mainstream, but many of the users of the data analytics and visualization software are mainstream, such as, The Wall Street Journal, Geekwire, CBS Sports, Gizmodo, and Mashable, to name just a few. …

Ryan Linsey Sievers

Business strategist and organizational advisor, thinking and learning at the intersection of creativity, business, and people.

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